Asmi Yoga Philosophy

I believe that the most effective & influential teachers are those who have given up
emulating others and have taken on the process of speaking from their own heart.
Thus begins the journey of teacher training at Asmi Yoga.  It's a journey of deep
personal growth, born from the womb of introspection and experience.
You'll learn to teach from a place of authentic passion for the practice,
with a voice that comes directly from the center of who you are.

I don't want to create robots!  I want to work with people who love yoga and are
willing to explore their own unique style, who are willing to step up to the fire and move
beyond technique into transformation, who are willing to show up and laugh at themselves
for a while, who are willing to invest themselves fully into the practice of learning
to teach and who are willing to be part of creating a supportive community for others
to do the same.  I'll help you understand the techniques of teaching while
simultaneously developing the spirit of your own voice!

  What I won't do is require you to be vegetarian or quit drinking your favorite
dehydrating beverages.  I believe each person has to walk their own path
of discovery and discipline, and that those decisions are yours alone to make.
What I will do is share information on these topics to help you make more informed choices. 

    What I won't do is make you read a ton of books, write massive theoretical essays
or take long written exams.  I believe that true learning comes from doing
and from experience, not from rote memorization or good writing skills.
What I will do is provide you with abundant opportunities for experiential
exercises designed to enhance personal growth along with integration of
pragmatic yogic philosophies and teaching techniques.  

What I won't do is tell you that my style or philosophy or method is the best way
or the only way.  I believe that yoga is an extremely personal practice
and that teaching yoga is a lifelong endeavor to share postures and philosophies
from an eclectic blending of experiences.  What I will do is expose you to many
different styles and teachings while providing a nurturing platform from which to
discover what floats your boat, then help you speak to that. 

  Undertaking a journey of this magnitude is a sacred act.  I have the highest
reverence and regard for the energetic and physical process of transformation
and all that involves.  I will do everything possible to facilitate growth by creating
an atmosphere of respect, nurturing and support for you as you begin to
manifest your potential.  I see my role in this relationship as a spiritual midwife,
helping you give birth to your most authentic self.
It is an honor to walk this path with you!