This training will provide you with a solid and multifaceted foundation for embarking on or deepening
your journey and exploration of personal transformation.  You multi-dimentional guide, Dolly, has
a beautiful, embodied, wise and pure heart that can carry you on her sea turtle back when you 
need a life raft and otherwise let you off on your own to experience the depths of a Shamanic
Ocean, where many of your own truths and treasures lie submerged.
Katrina Rose Kneist, recent Shamanic Yoga graduate

Clearly a labor of love, this 300-hour journey through the medicine wheel has been a 
transforming experience.  Held in compassion, guided with love and confidence,
Dolly has provided a platform on and through which to celebrate my gifts, excavate
my masks and allow my Song to radiate more fully and clearly.  The relating of Yoga and
Shamanic practices feels like a marrying of healing arts that encompasses all levels of
experience.  All my gratitude for all the ways you have given of yourself, Dolly.
Breezy Franzke, recent Shamanic Yoga graduate

Dolly, from you I have learned that wisdom is a lens that enables heart-felt and
heart-centered inquiry.  You teach embodied presence.  I am learning embodied presence
with and through you.  Thank you for your courage to live and teach what you love ... 
inspiring me to live and teach what I love!
Lillie Goldstein, recent Shamanic Yoga graduate

This training is an intimate, safe place to explore and grow.  Dolly, you have a way
of being that encourages people to gently look at the tender places and recognize the 
beautiful places within themselves.  The course was rich with insightful information
and was presented in a way that was easily accessible and understandable.
Lisa Albanese, recent Shamanic Yoga graduate

This training was beyond yoga and beyond anything I could imagine.  I was called to this 
training and I believe so many are looking for more, looking for answers and don't know
where to turn.  This training will take you in ... way in to where the healing begins ... to where
magic is still alive within you!  You will learn how to see and feel your gifts and how to share
them with others.  If you feel an ache and a burning for something more, this life-changing
experience is the call for you!  I would trust no other than the beautiful Dolly to take me
through this journey.  I love you, sweet sister!
Toni Acevedo, recent Shamanic Yoga graduate

If you're looking for life-changing in the deepest and sweetest sense, this is it!
If you'd like to know yourself intimately, and lovingly grow into a more authentic
expression of that self, this is how.  With total compassion, Dolly offers a safe
and sacred space to explore, excavate and embody your true nature.  It may
not be easy, but it is totally worth it!
Launa Martin, recent Shamanic Yoga graduate

Having taken Dolly's 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, done one on one energy healing sessions with her,
and recently doing a 6week Shamanic Journey course with her, I can say that she has been such an amazing guide through my healing journey! She has this playful way about her, as she lovingly guides you back to your Heart, helping you see all the beauty and strength, that is already within yourself!
Danielle Ritchie, teacher training graduate

You are the most amazing person I have ever worked for (if you could really call this work)! Again
I say, you shine from the inside out. I love you and your generous heart. You taught me to know
what I am worth and not to settle ever. I adore you. Tears of joy! Thank you for being such a huge
part of the transformation that is me today. Thank you, thank you, I love you! 
Toni Acevedo, teacher training graduate and employee

First thought when seeing all those positive reviews of you on the Internets was
"ballot-box stuffing".  But you are that good!
James Cagney, former student

I find myself at the end of this leg of the journey not as a person who knows that they want to
teach Yoga but as a person who does teach Yoga.  That was my transformation...seeing my
dream come to fruition.  Dolly, there aren't words to convey all that I would like to say
to you so instead; Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
Jessica Morrow, teacher training graduate

Many thanks for two delightful and warm yoga classes on one very cold weekend in Bend.
Need I say, Dolly, that you are an exceptional teacher. It is not only your knowledge and ability
to help, but your personal warmth and caring that you communicate so effectively. You really
do make the experience serenely  joyful and physically challenging.  If we lived there, Lorena and Iwould certainly be back for more. It is hard to believe that as close as I've been to yoga classes and
teachers, in my 75 years, those were the first classes I have attended. They won't be the last.
Thank you for a wonderful introduction to yoga.
Bob Higbee, former student

I cried tears of joy this morning having finally found a more rounded path for my yoga practice
to follow.  One that encompasses properties not only physical, but also spiritual and playful.
So, thank you for your practice and wisdom and open heart and willingness to share your
abundance.  I am truly moved on the inside and out.
Your attention to detail in all areas is beautiful.
Gina Fidnik, former student

My favorite teacher is someone who is true to their students as well as themselves.
They’re someone that is genuine and encourage you to be one of a kind as well.
They build their students confidence by celebrating their achievements with them while
giving constructive criticism along the way.  They'll push you out of the tree only to show you
that you can fly! This teacher doesn't make their students feel small or forgotten about,
they embrace their peers for who they are and how they come, they accept you regardless
of your past and encourage you to let the light come through your cracked places.
My favorite teacher is one who can vibe off their students and say " yeah we're not gonna
do this today...". This same teacher also provides a sacred place for their students to be true
to their deepest feelings. This teacher shows you the beauty in the world and the beauty in
others around you. This teacher is there for you in and out of class because they care about your
well-being. This teacher, this fabulous teacher, is my favorite teacher, and her name is miss Dolly.
Kayla Anderson, teacher training graduate

  Your wonderfulness is so awe inspiring. You have the touch of an angel, albeit a tough
motherf*cker of an angel.  I feel wonderful after your attention today, and just want you to know
what a special person in my life you are, and not just because you rub me the right way!
Thanks again, for the absolutely awesome massage.
Henry Louke, student and client

I learned so much during Dolly’s teacher training it is hard to know where to begin.
There are the fundamentals: postures, breath work, chanting, history, the 8 limbs, chakras,
the business of yoga, etc., but more importantly is studying all that in the context of our personal lives. How does it all mesh with your individual situation and what does yoga really mean to you
This training is more a personal journey to discover who you already are, and then having
uncovered that gives you the platform to teach. You will learn about yourself and you will learn
how to be a yoga teacher. You will discover all this in a supportive, beautiful setting that gives you
the space and time to let yourself unfold. Dolly has a lot of experience, compassion, and best of all
passion for sharing yoga with others. Take your teacher training at Asmi, it’s worth the investment!
Sara  Nolte, teacher training graduate

Before coming to Dolly's YTT, I looked at trainings all around the world and then heard that Dolly was teaching one. That's all I needed to hear, Dolly. I wouldn't have wanted to do my first training with
anyone else nor anywhere else. Dolly is so full of love and light and is shines from her being every
time I see her. She is passionate about yoga and also has so much experience and knowledge to
share on the subject. I feel like I learned so much, grew in many personal ways and really connected
with myself and fellow students in this training. I would highly recommend Asmi Yoga’s teacher training!  Brandon Huston, owner, the Spinsters

I cannot thank you enough for the treat of being invited to take part in your circle these past
6 weeks.  Each evening had it's own incredible uniqueness and you are such a gifted group facilitator.
You are my idea of what a true shaman should look like.  What a gift you are to everyone whose
life you touch.  I'm so hoping another opportunity presents itself where I can jump on board to continue
to learn from your wisdom.  Thank you from the bottom (and front, back and top) of my heart!
Sharon Richards, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and workshop attendee

Unconditional Love would be the two words I would use to describe my experience in Dolly’s
200Hour Yoga Teacher Training. Every aspect of yoga and of life (that we learned about together)
points and comes back to love. Dolly is a living example of someone who walks with love and acceptance
always in their heart. My time with Dolly showed me that we are all worthy of sharing our love and teaching in the spirit of love. We are all beings of light criss-crossing in and out of each other’s lives.
If we take that light and weave with it, and teach with it we can illuminate the world.
Katherine Chew, teacher training graduate

  There is only one Dolly and she is truly one-of-a-kind, super-duper cool chick!  Seriously, I am blessed to have had the opportunity to deepen my yoga practice and find my inner authentic self and yoga teacher through dolly's ytt.  The blessings kept coming as i was surrounded by an amazing group of supportive yogis to share this journey.  Dolly is a born teacher and you will learn the fundamentals of authentically teaching yoga and so much more.  She provides a safe environment for self-exploration and expression.  Dolly is an inspiration and she will inspire you to dig deeper to find that pearl inside of you and draw it to the surface.  She will push your buttons, tell you funny stories, share her infinite wisdom and chant her way into your heart leaving you wanting more, more, more!  That is Dolly.  She is heart, soul and spirit....authentic to the core, but she is also a beautiful friend who teaches us how to keep that pearl inside of us bright and shiny.   I just love me some Dolly!!!
Linda Nickolenko, teacher training graduate

  They say “the good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires”. I couldn’t agree more.  Dolly at Asmi Yoga is “inspiration”, truly a one of a kind human being. Having known Dolly outside of the yoga studio and through the practice of asana lead by her and teachers she has trained I was certain from day one if I ever were to do a ytt it would be with her regardless of where I was living or where I was at with my yoga practice. I would have chosen no other… actually; I feel more as though she chose me. I went into the training mentally open and ready to break down everything i knew about yoga but the process was not a reconstruction, rather a gathering, introducing, aligning, and to me possibly the most valuable aspect was the creation of a vision of who I am as a teacher, what I wanted to teach and why, not to mention if you are open to such exploration, what you are made of.  If you are looking for a rigid, strict, hardcore format, you may be surprised how soft hard can be.  I know I was. I now have a vision of yoga to be not one thing; it can be as unique as we are individuals. It can be whatever a practitioner wants it to be, or could it be that we may start to see what it wants us to be? I cannot express the extent of my gratitude, my appreciation and my love for Dolly. Thank you infinitely, Dolly!
Jeffery Clason, teacher training graduate

  Not a day has gone by since i met Dolly that I haven't thought about her or thought of something I
learned from her. I signed up for her training in chattanooga having never met her and knowing
nothing beyond what i found on her website. Of course, it was pure grace and serendipity that
landed me in her presence and i am forever grateful to that mystery. Dolly lives and breathes
what she practices and teaches - pure and authentic love, she is. Her yoga and her teacher
training are beautiful and inspired. I was challenged and supported completely and safely to
learn about yoga and myself. I am so grateful to be a devoted student of such a brilliant person
and look forward to learning more from her at every opportunity!
Lannie Jewell, teacher training graduate

  Well, Dolly, you have quite a gift, and I am so happy that you shared some of your beaming shining
bright-as-hell radiating light with me and our group.  To my surprise and delight, the soul expansion
and happiness did not disappear when I came home, as if it were only a dream.  No, in fact,
everything has stayed right with me, sacred and solid in my soul.  Yes!  I'm finally beginning to
understand!  It's been here all along - and I thank you for being a 'spritual shepard' of sorts.
Your monumental power is disguised in a simple action - you simply just hold up the light so that
others can find what has been hiding right in front of them.  Heh!  You and the women I met have
given me much needed hope that the best years are only to come.  You yourself helped me find the inspiration hiding within me to take the sheet off from over my bright light.  When i see what it looks
like to shine bright, it gives me the courage to do the same.  Geez- now i'm almost crying again!
It is much too hard to put in a paragraph the feelings of excitement and gratitude for this experience.  This is not your typical yoga training, that I am sure of!  Your unique approach to the physical and spiritual challenges presented to your students resonated deep within my being.  We sweat, we
cried, we laughed, and all had a heck of a lot of fun.  I learned much more than yoga.  People need
to know if they are ready to change their life in beautiful ways unimagined, then this is the
training for them.  The process was an unforgettable event of a life time and I am so grateful to
have had the space to grow into myself, guided by such a beautiful wise woman as you.
Kirstin Yingling simon, teacher training graduate

  I walked into the training not thinking that I was capable of teaching yoga, not trusting my voice
or ability to stand in front of a class. In the course of three exquisite and intense weeks I found
not only a deeper appreciation for the practice of yoga, I found my ability to glow as a teacher and a desire to share the passion I feel each time i get on the mat. Yes the course was well designed,
covering everything necessary to step into the world as a yoga teacher, but it was Dolly, her
presence and guidance which evoked the transformation. She gently pressed us each day,
stretching body and mind to take the next leap. I felt her embrace each of my edges lovingly
as she firmly encouraged me to believe in myself and go further each day. I felt met at every level, physical, emotional, spiritual. It didn't matter what kind of practice I came from or what form of yoga
I wanted to teach, what I learned most of all was to find my unique and authentic spirit as a teacher
and translate this not only in a class format, but in my life. The elegance of this training is the
learning of being yoga, on and off the mat. I feel touched and changed, and most of all I feel more
like me and I like me more for it. My infinite gratitude to my teacher and for the experience of this training.
Sarah Jade Steinberg, teacher training graduate

  My yoga teacher training experience was nothing short of cosmic. I left all expectations behind and jumped in with both feet, swept away into the unknown-what turned out to be a perfectly beautiful
and highly spiritual group, led by a sage in Dolly. Everyone was so incredibly supportive, you would
have thought the entire room was void of ego altogether, and our connections only got stronger
each day. The deepening of my personal practice on every level imaginable left me raw, honestly,
but isn’t that what happens when we continue to peel away the layers? The confidence in my path
and the resolution I have in following this “yoga life” have never been stronger as a result. I was left
feeling inspired and hungry for more learning in ways I’ve never experienced. It seems as though a day doesn’t go by where someone thanks me for the influence yoga is having on them. And frankly, if my purpose in life is simply to be a vessel responsible for passing the baton of yoga to others, I would consider it a life fulfilled.
Mike Fecht, teacher training graduate

  I wanted to let you know that the ytt you lead has changed my life. You are such a beautiful person
and the way you truly care about others is a rarity in people today. I knew i always had this lifestyle
in me but I just didn't know how to reach it. You have given me the tools to not only do this for myself
but I can and want to share it with others. You are a blessing and I cant wait to attend more
training with you!
Tiffany Kennedy-Hargis, teacher training graduate

  Someone like dolly doesn't come around very often. She is the most authentic, talented, inspiring, beautiful and precious person that I've ever have the opportunity of meeting. She has a remarkable way of demonstrating, explaining and healing. I have experienced an immense amount of love, friendship, growth, strength and devotion throughout her teacher training. It's interesting how the universe works sometimes, because I can't imagine spending my time and energy anywhere else but with Dolly at Asmi.
I love you miss Dolly!!
Kayla Anderson, teacher training graduate

  I have been practicing yoga since i was 18 but I had lost touch with the community that drew me
to yoga in the first place.  Dolly's training was an unexpected return to those vital qualites of sharing,
Intimacy, and bonding that renewed and deepened my practice by reminding me that while I practice
For myself I am connected to a larger community of wonderful yogis and yoginis!
I recommend that you take her teacher training, because who knows what unexpected
gifts you might encounter too!
Hannah Kellogg, teacher training graduate

Dolly is not just a yoga teacher, trainer or instructor. She is a walking, talking journey of an
authentic soul who speaks through her beautiful voice of wisdom, feels deeply with her
nurturing heart and guides you through the light in her eyes.  Dolly is not somebody you meet,
she is somebody you experience.
Aneela Zakaria, teacher training graduate

  Please know that your sweet and healing touch has been felt, and has been so very, very appreciated.
I so admire your spirit and appreciate the way it flows through your work.  I know the path to
becoming a teacher isn't the easiest? But please know what an enormous impact and sweet impress you've left on those of us lucky enough to have spread our mats out in your classes!
Elaine Nichols, former student

  I just want to say again, thank you for a weekend that i will never forget.  I knew this would be an incredible journey and now I am more excited than ever.  Thank you for your extra time, knowledge,
and willingness to share with us.  It is truly an honor to learn this art from someone who holds it
deeply in their heart as you so obviously do, Dolly.
Suzanne Diorio, teacher training graduate

  It isn't often that someone so special comes into your life that you feel like missing a moment with
them might mean missing a moment to truly learn, grow and gain new insight on life. That is how I feel about Dolly!  I think many of us do.  Dolly has an amazing talent to guide, heal, love, teach, give
and share.  This teacher training program is by far one of the best. If you even think you might want
to become a teacher, or if you think you want to take your yoga practice to a new, higher level, don't think twice!  If you are reading this from far off places and have never met Dolly, then I hopefully
can help you understand a little bit about her here. Dolly is authentic, lovable, strong, wise, funny
and the most true person I've ever met. She is a teacher, a student, a mother, a friend, a beautiful
wife and an amazing yogi. Her light shines beyond boundaries and her life shines just as brightly.
Marcia Hoffheins, former owner of Yoga South in Charlotte, NC

Have you ever met someone who was truly free and authentic - someone with so much space
around them that there is room for everyone - sees inside you from the first moment and makes
you feel safe in their presence?  That's Dolly.  Dolly loves people and that love has inspired her to give.
To teach - you must come and experience her teachings and her presence - her energy and spirit
that light the room and expand your boundaries and thought patterns - making room to grow your practice, your humanity, your love - just come and be and breathe - it will be spectacular!
Kim Zegil and Gisela Crider, owners of Gotta Yoga Studio in Charlotte, NC

  During our training we were all, at one time or another, doubting our abilities, our worth as teachers.
But another thing we shared, in my opinion, was our positive, caring and kindly spirits.  So, it's moments like these that I realize we were all drawn to Dolly for many of the same reasons.  By being ourselves, as Dolly so eloquently taught us, we do more for our students than any perfect sequence ever can.
Greg Labarbera, owner of Ayana Yoga in Charlotte, NC

  As with module one, our second yoga tt module was an amazing experience! Thank you so much for all the energy you put into these classes, for the nurturing environment you create, and as always,
thanks for just being you. I really feel like i am making progress in my practice, in teaching, and
hopefully in life as well!
Vahni Georgoulakos, teacher training graduate

  It is funny, I want to say thanks but thanks just doesn't quite get it.  You have done so much for me and for all of us.  You have touched us and helped us grow in deeply personal and spiritual ways and a
simple thanks could never express what I am feeling.  You have been a teacher, guide, friend, and healer.  You are so many things to so many different people.  You are a blessing to many of us who,  for
whatever reasons, fell off of our path, got lost, or maybe we just sort of let go of something.  Either way, you have given each of us and helped each of us find parts of ourselves that we were missing.
Ann Wellborn, teacher training graduate

  A mere thank you would never be enough!  You brought me to places I never thought i could go.
You believed in me when I didn't believe in myself.  I experienced so many emotions these past six days:  anxiety; fear; exhaustion; pain; uncertainty; joy; camaraderie; triumph.  I know i have a long way
to go but a special thank you for kicking me in the butt when I needed it as well as holding my hand
when I needed that.  You are an amazing teacher and quite a lady.
Marge Bisig, teacher training graduate

  Well, listen.  I just wanted to say thank you for reading the class so well.  You have a great ability to
read people and direct class.  Yesterday, when you took a different approach to practice you gained
a ton of credibility in my eyes because you do care, and it shows.   It's wonderful to watch and learn from you.   I am very grateful to be able to have the opportunity to work and study with you.
Steve Zanni, teacher training graduate

  You are an amazing teacher!  Just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you this weekend,
as I studied with the 'biggest names' in yoga and realizing how amazing of a teacher you are.
Billy Piontek, teacher training graduate

  I now truly know the difference between teaching and being a teacher. You are the " full meal deal" and that makes all the difference between yoga as exercise or as a way of life. Thank you for giving
me that understanding. I hope that someday others might see me as I see you.
Anne Landry, teacher training graduate

  Teacher training was an amazing experience that has really awakened me to the possibilities.
I felt challenged, yet truly cared for as a human.
Holly Sisson, teacher training graduate

  Excellent, awesome, fantastic!  Thank you!
Bett Wallace, teacher training graduate

  Wow!  Other than the birth of my only child, this is by far the greatest gift i have ever received!
Rachel Evans, teacher training graduate

  This has been the single most profound growing experience of my adult life.  Thank you, Dolly!
Melissa Scott, teacher training graduate

  The experience was totally different from what I came into it expecting.  I thought i was coming here to learn to teach yoga, that's it.  It has been so much more.  Thank god!  Yes, I learned a lot of sanskrit
terms & assists &, well, how to teach yoga (& very well), but i found a new layer of myself, or rather
peeled away the old to reveal the true me.  Now I'm busting out & I don't even know how you did it.
For that I thank you!
Audrey Ipapo, teacher training graduate

  A life-changing experience!  Your warmth & passion was evident in each & every class.
As a teacher I know how hard that is to sustain.  Bravo!  So, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
You are a special soul, a tremendous mentor & teacher.
Stephanie Townsend, teacher training graduate

   I was pushed completely out of my comfort zone in the safest, most loving environment.
What better way is there to learn?
Eileen Sullivan, teacher training graduate

I had expectations of the teacher training & very early on these were blown out of the water.
The dimension this time has brought to my perspective of self & others holds me forever grateful.
Amy Burgardt, teacher training graduate

  You offer a teacher training course that is phenomenal.  Technically it exceeds all the requirements to teach the physical practice.  On another level it provides a pathway to self discovery & then a way to teach your students to explore what the 'yoga' means within.  I highly recommend it!
Kelly Anne Gien, teacher training graduate

  This was an incredible learning experience.  I am so fortunate to have found you.
The yoga world has a bright star & it is you, Dolly!
Cay Craig, teacher training graduate

  I love organization & being prepared, so I was more than happy at Dolly's skills in this department.
Dolly holds a non-threatening, non-competitive environment for new teachers as well as more experienced ones.  Her enthusiasm & love for yoga makes you want to learn as much as you can
from her.  Thank you so much, Dolly, for just being you!
Sherry Peckham, teacher training graduate

  I know this program, all the elements of it are truly a labor of love.  It's blindingly obvious!  Please
know that you've hit the ball out of the park!  You rock!  You're an amazing writer & teacher.
Know that what you are doing is working, that you are touching so many people with your
yoga & example.  You're the best!
Vahni Georgoulakos, teacher training graduate

  To my Dolly Mamma, words will do little to express what you have given me.  Thank you for so
generously sharing your warmth, for being the sun that shone upon me, for helping to make
brighter the light that burns within me.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge & skills.  They will be
used in the manner in which they were received ... for the benefit of others.
Melody White, teacher training graduate