Shamanic Breath Work

Shamanic Breath Work is a beautifully
gentle yet potent technique for releasing
stress, creating vitality, restoring health,
and releasing old patterns from the 
physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
levels of our being. 

We'll begin each session with some
 conversation to discuss how you're
 feeling and what you'd like to work with.

 During your session, you will be laying
 fully clothed on my massage table, with
a pillow, blanket and eye covering.
I will gently guide you into the simple
breathing techniqe and talk you through
the entire experience ( although I will leave
plenty of quiet  time for you as well).
There will be some dialoging and affirmations 
throughout the process.

You will leave feeling more clarity,
 lightness, love, acceptance and joy!

90 minutes ~ $95