Private Ceremonies!

I would love to help you celebrate the wonder of your life by creating a personalized ceremony!
Not only is each ceremony individally crafted for your needs and desires, it is all prepared with
the highest love and intention and facilitated with presence and joy. 

Here is a small sampling of what is available:

* Weddings *
*Blessing ways *
* Letting go ceremonies *
* Manifestation ceremonies *
* Shamanic journeying *
* Cacao *
* Connecting with earth, water, fire and air *
* Creating a reciprocity bundle *
* Making of sacred items (rattles, smudge fans, etc) *
* Clearing of space ceremonies *
* Private or group breathes *

Rates will vary depending on the length of time involved, as well as the supplies necessary. 
Please contact me to discuss your ideas and we'll create a plan for your personal ceremony!