I feel most richly blessed to be walking the
Earth at this time and helping to mend the hoop
of the people. It is a time ripe with need ...
a need for love, for compassion, for community,
for the courage to make changes and for each of us
to unveil and embody our unique gifts and medicines
so that we may share them with the world! 

My own path began about 20 years ago when I
became a massage therapist.  Since then,
I continue to be in awe at the miracle of the body,
not only as the marvelous machine that it is,
but its capacity to heal.  More than that,
I am amazed at the resilience of spirit I witness
in all my clients ... the tenacity to show up and be vulnerable, the willingness to be in process with themselves as they heal, the courage to face
the truth of their stories and the totally inspiring
way that they blaze their paths with as much authenticity as they have in every given moment.

  What I offer you, regardless of which modality
you choose, is the comfort of a safe and supportive space, a wide open heart of acceptance for
where you are at in your own journey,
a witnessing and listening ear, and my absolute
presence for the duration of our time together.

May it be so.  And so it is!

Dolly :D